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Every life insurance company has been lowering rates over the past few years to compete for your business. Unfortunately, you won't qualify for their lowest rates unless you have perfect health, family history, and driving record. If you don't first determine your underwriting class, you may find out weeks later that you don't qualify. Then, your choice is to take a higher rate or start over with another life insurance company.

We have developed software to solve this problem. Just answer a few questions about your health and other underwriting variables, and our software will determine which company will rate you in the most favorable class. Then, we access the® database of over 150 companies to get the latest rates.

So, you can find your best company, whether or not you are in the top underwriting class. (If you want the entire list for reference, click here, but keep in mind that you may not qualify for these rates.)

your best life insurance company

Consider this example: John is a 45 year old male, nonsmoker, who needs $500,000 of term insurance for 10 years. His only health impairment is a high cholesterol level (290), which is offset by a great cholesterol ratio (4.0). The lowest rate from the® database is Americom Life at $300 per year. Unfortunately, to qualify for Americom's lowest rate, John's cholesterol would need to be less than 200. John would end up paying $715 per year for Americom's standard rate.

If John had used our software, he would have seen that Transamerica screens for cholesterol ratio, but not cholesterol level. John's ratio of 4.0 would qualify him for Transamerica's best rate of $390. Needless to say, it would be better for John to apply with Transamerica, his best company, rather than Americom. To find your best company, click here.

our top 15

We have analyzed the® database to find out which company has the lowest rates across 64 different underwriting categories. Here is our current top 15:

Ohio National   Cincinnati Life   Genworth Annuity
Banner Life   Transamerica   TIAA-CREF
MetLife   AAA Life Insurance   American General
Savings Bank   Assurity   Genworth Life
Protective   Northwestern   West Coast

Keep in mind that our list is not specific to your life underwriting variables, so use it only as a quick reference, and for general information. The advantage of term life insurance is low rates on whole, universal and term life insurance quotes. Make sure to review current life insurance rates to make sure you know which companies are the most competitive. There are many resources available for this. Here is one that we found useful.

Feel free to click on any of the above links to find out more information about these companies. Please note that most companies sell only through agents. These might be "captive" agents, who only work for one company, or independent agents, free to represent several coompanies. Follow this link if you would like to locate an independent life insurance agent in your state.

other competitive companies

As we mentioned previously, there are over 150 term life insurance companies in the® database. The other thousands of U.S. carriers do not compete in the term insurance market. They sell other (more expensive) policies, which are useful for special situations.

Here is the balance of our top thirty list. (Disclaimer: all information on this page is editorial in nature and represents the opinion of the authors. We welcome input, but we make all final decisions.)

AIG   Jackson National   Penn Mutual
American Republic   Lincoln National   Sun of Canada
Empire General   National Guardian   Transamerica
Fidelity   Old Republic   The Travelers
Golden Rule   Protective   USAA

Thank you for visiting. We hope this information helps as you shop for life insurance companies. Be sure to get life insurance quotes before you make a decision. And remember: your best company is more important to you than our overall top 30. For your convenience, here is the link again. Click it to find your best

life insurance company

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