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Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle, then according to law you are bound to have an Auto Insurance Policy. It is true that a proper Auto Insurance Policy can really help you out in the event of a car accident or car-theft. But, it cannot be denied that auto insurance carries substantial expense. There may be many people who cannot afford costly Auto Insurance Policies. Fortunately, there are some cheap Auto Insurance Policies available that can fulfill the Auto Insurance need of these people.

Cheap Auto Insurance Options

  • Liability only Auto Insurance Policies: Liability only Auto Insurance Policies are those which provide only liability coverage in case of an accident. This means, liability only Auto Insurance Policy offers compensation for the injuries and damages caused to others and others’ car. It does not provide compensation for the damage caused to your own car. This kind of policy does not come with optional coverage for accidental death. You cannot opt for liability only Auto Insurance Policy, if you have bought the car by taking an auto loan and you are still making the loan payments.
  • Minimum Limit Auto Insurance Policies A minimum limit Auto Insurance Policy provides limited insurance coverage. It just fulfills the minimum insurance requirement of the respective state that you live in. This kind of Auto Insurance generally provides bodily injury coverage and property damage liability coverage. But the policy can also offer compensation for the injuries caused to you and your co-passengers if it is proved that the accident did not happen due to your fault. If you live in a state, where the state law requires inclusion of uninsured motorist coverage in your Auto Insurance Policy, then the Minimum Limit Auto Insurance Policy gives you limited uninsured motorist coverage. But this policy does not offer enough compensation in case a lawsuit is filed against you for causing injury to someone or for causing damage to someone else’s property.
  • Direct Written Auto Insurance Policies Direct Written Auto Insurance Policies are those which are offered by the insurance companies, which run their business online or from a call centre based network. As the insurance agents of these insurance companies work with their clients either online or over the phone, the overhead costs of these insurance companies are much lower than the normal office based insurance companies. For this reason, they can offer cheap Auto Insurance Policies. These direct writer Auto Insurance Companies also offer discounts if you possess clean driving record or insure multiple vehicles with them.

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